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  • NO, we do accept Health Savings Account visa along with major credit cards. IV infusion and IV therapies outside of acute care setting is an elective therapy, in which insurance companies may deny claims or may take months to get approval -rather than wait we have formulated an affordable pricing not to mention Board Certified Nurse Practitioners are doing the IV from start to completion of therapy. 


IV therapy adds fluids via intravenous route. While it is generally SAFE, a thorough Health Assessment and Health History may be conducted to determine eligibility for individuals with chronic condition. 

Why do we need Lab work done? before our weightloss or Hormone therapy?

A lot of biochemical changes can happen in 24 hours let alone days to months. First and foremost, we need to ensure your safety.  Are your electrolytes (potassium, calcium,magnesium, etc.) balanced? Can your kidney or liver clear or metabolize certain medications? Is it safe for you to take it? We cannot know that information on face value, certain weight loss medication can affect liver which means close monitoring is warranted. 

I HAVE OR HAD COVID will you come to my home?

YES, we will do IV therapies/hydration for COVID or post COVID individual. Just let the providers know at scheduling so as we can bring our "COVID GEAR"/ COVID PPE for our protection. 

I have not been out since the pandemic-how can I be sure you are not bringing anything to my home?

Our providers will come to your home with n95, surgical mask and face shield. In some cases ,he or she may also wear a surgical gown and cap not only for your protection but also for your family's and theirs as well. Our providers will take proper precaution prior to coming to your home. 

Do we TIP you?

NO, while we appreciate you and your generosity. We do not accept tips. 

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